The self-driving car is here, and if riding in a vehicle that has an “auto-pilot” feature sounds like your cup of coffee, you might as well own one. Is the probability of the car getting involved in a crash lesser than that of a typical automobile? It turns out, despite being a “smart car,” a self-driving motor vehicle is not spotless . As a matter of fact, Google is on record saying that their self-driving car has been involved in not less than eleven accidents.  While Chris Urmson, Google’s head of the self-driving car program says that in all the eleven incidences, the car was not to blame for the crash, you can’t take away the fact that these cars are not any safer. That said, what happens if you’re involved in an accident with a self-driving car?

Keep Your Cool After The Accidents

Before the self-driving car was released into the market, someone must have tested it and determined that it meets all the regulations needed to be on the road. Therefore, if there is somebody in the car, all you need to do is assume that you’ve been involved in an accident with a typical car. Be calm and do everything you would have done in a normal car crash. Attend to the injured, get the other party’s details and call the police. In short follow the standard course of action following a car accident.

Is It Better Financially To Collide With a Self-Driving Car?

According to Bryant Walker Smith, a professor based at the University Of South Carolina School Of Law, there are some notable differences if you get involved in a crash with as self-driving car. Smith notes that you may be better off be getting in an accident with a self-driving car than if you were hit by a typical vehicle, driven by a human being especially if you’ve sustained injuries. He notes that the makers of self-driving cars have a sound financial standing and would want to negotiate any suit as soon as possible to avoid tarnishing of their brand name.

Additionally, if the vehicle, while in self-driving mode hits another car or a pedestrian, the aggrieved party can bring a product liability suit against the company. According to Matthew R. Clark of The Clark Law Office in Michigan, It would be a lot easier seeking compensation in a product liability case than it would if you were trying to show negligence. Besides, in some states, the manufacturer of the self-driving car can be sued under the theory of strict liability. The theory states that the complainant can get compensated even without having to prove that the manufacturer was at fault.  Also, manufacturers of self-driving cars are obligated to install devices that will record and save what transpired 30 seconds before any accident occurs. In essence, this means that collecting evidence is a lot easier.

Seek Legal Help Immediately

Due to the uniqueness of motor vehicle crashes involving self-driving cars, you may want to assistance as you pursue compensation. Thus, if you have you’re in a collision with a self-driving car, contact a car accident attorney in your area immediately. Apart from helping you collect the evidence, the lawyer will ensure that you get the compensation that is equal to the losses suffered.